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Orphaned Hummingbirds

Dear Terrie and Larry,

Help!   I found two baby hummingbirds that have fallen out of the nest.  I put them back, but the mother has not come to feed them.  What should I do?

               - Glenda

A Dear Glenda,

When at all possible, it is best to leave hummingbirds in their natural habitat.  Sometimes people think the mother has disappeared, when she is still around the area.  Sometimes the mother is afraid to come to the nest when you are watching. If the young hummers are indeed orphaned, then I would make these suggestions:

Try to contact your local wildlife rehabilitation personnel.  If you do not know one in your area, call the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council at 707-864-1761 or the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association at 320-259-4086

Please remember that raising any wild animal is a difficult task and should only be undertaken when there is no good alternative.




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