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Hello. Actually, I have two questions. Firstly, do hummingbirds have tongues? I recently read about someone who considers hummingbirds tongues a delicacy and eats them on occasion. Secondly, I have also heard that some species are becoming extinct. Is this true? In advance, thank you for your time.


A Hi Kerry,

Yes, hummingbirds do have tongues--quite long ones for probing into flowers and lapping up the nectar.

We have never heard of anyone eating hummer tongues. That sounds pretty awful! It also sounds impractical and illegal. There's not much meat on a hummingbird's tongue. (Without it's feathers a hummingbird is about the size of a bumblebee. Also, killing or collecting hummingbirds is illegal.)

We don't know of any hummingbird that is on the endangered species list. However, with the massive loss of habitat taking place, especially on their wintering grounds, this could happen. There have been serious declines in the populations of many birds over the last few years.

Terrie & Larry


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