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Do hummingbirds come to birdbaths? Also does it help attract hummers if you have a water fountain in your yard?



A Hi Beverley,

Hummers have a great need for water.  They usually choose nest sites close to streams and other sources of water. 

Hummingbirds will come to a shallow birdbath or to puddles of water that have spilled out of a bird bath. Hummingbirds also like devices that spray out a fine mist.    

If you can spray foliage with water, some hummingbird might decide to take a bath on a leaf. We've seen it happen. 

We have hummingbirds at our birdbaths frequently.  We keep the water level shallow -- all the birds like it that way.

We have a small waterfall created by a circulating pump, and we have a spray nozzle hooked to a timer;  for a couple of hours a day it throws out a fine mist.   From a time to time a hummingbird will dart a few times through the mist.

Sometimes a hummer will take a bath in a shallow puddle; sometimes one will catch a bead of water right out of the air.

A friend of ours was watering her garden with fine mist from a garden hose when a hummingbird darted through the mist a few times, then came up to land on her hand for several seconds!

May you yard and birdbath be filled with lots of hummingbirds!

Larry & Terrie




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